Monday, February 04, 2008

Convert England

My house guest, Fr Z, has just put up one of his excellent "fisks" on article about Aidan Nichols' new book entitled "The Realm: An Unfashionable Essay on the Conversion of England". Some have suggested Fr Aidan as the next Cardinal, from what is said in the article, he would have my vote, though I am told it is something he would hate, but we need someone with vision.

An extract from WDTPRS
Fr Aidan Nichols’s plan for renewal:

Firmer doctrine in our teaching and preaching [Go back before Vatican II.]
Re-enchant the liturgy [The tip of the spear.]
Recover the insights of metaphysics [Be smart again.]
Renew Christian political thought [Be active in the public square.]
Revive family life [Stop spitting in God’s face.]
Resacralise art and architecture [Use God’s "grandchild" well.]
Put a new emphasis on monastic life [Support in prayer for the active.]
Strengthen pro-life rhetoric [See above.]
Recover a Catholic reading of the Bible [Second to none!]

What I find rather exciting is that very interesting names are beginning to emerge, like Abbot Hugh and Fr Aidan, it be that the Holy Father chooses neither but we need the holy Christ centredness of the Abbot and the brilliance and vision of the Dominican, what we can ill afford is the greyness some of the other names being put forward represent, that will spell the death of the Church in England.

Give is holy and learned priests Lord, but give us even holier and more learned bishops.


Anonymous said...

If Aidan Nicholas was appointed the magic circle would eat him alive.

On the side of the angels said...

I've already said in several places; I worry not about the 'what must be done' ; it's the 'how'!!!

Anonymous said...

No need to go back before Vatican II , merely interpret it in the light of Vatican I and Trent. The Holy Father can see the good which it has done, but also where it has been misinterpreted in practice and its decisions abused. After all he was there the whole time. Trust him to straighten it out with the aid of the Almighty.