Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is Catholic

thanks to Roman Catholic Vocations, unfortunately the website he links to seems only accessible to Americans


a person that makes ads for a living said...

sorry but that is really dreadful - and you wouldn't have got much change out of a million dollarsmaking that. Can't help thinking they could have done something more worthy with their money. I wonder if it was made by the same ad agency who do the Coca Cola ads. Maybe they spent so much money on those aerial shots they couldn't afford the rights to 'I like to teach the world to sing.' Sorry to rant but that really is bad.

Mrs Jackie Parkes said...

Isn't that lovely, Father. I won't need to take a Prozac pill after watching it.

Ttony said...

If you go to the site, enter 11273 as your zip code: it works.