Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Giving things up for Lent

Sr Consolata, one of our sisters is giving up a great deal for Lent after 36 years in and around Brighton she is moving away to a nursing home run by her congregation, the Servants of the Mother of God, in Brentford. For the 56 years of religious profession she has been looking after women and children with learning difficulties.
Up until two years ago,which is when this photograph was taken she was still working as well as dashing around the parish consoling the sick and housebound.
She has this dreadful illness that will progressively affect her mobility, her sight and even more worryingly her ability to swallow, though her speech is getting difficult her mind is as clear as a bell. As frustrating as this must be for her, she is still being what her name suggests: a source of Consolation for her sisters. Say a prayer for her, giving up your home and friends is difficult but when you are old and infirmed, with an uncertain future that maybe be full of pain, humiliation and distress ....... .

I remember another Sister saying, "When we were young we thought we had given God almost everything, when we were middle aged we realised what we had held back, when we grow old it is then that the Good Lord takes everything from us, but that is what we promised when we were young. The secret of a good old age is to do it generously, with "a good zeal"".


Anonymous said...

A beautiful post Fr..thankyou..

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

watch out for her Father.

We are learning what they do to people in this country who cannot swallow.

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