Monday, February 25, 2008

Facing the Lord

Fr Fessio on celebrating Mass "facing the Lord". Here on of America's leading Jesuits sums up the Pope's teaching on "ad Orientem" celebration.

Thanks to Forest Murmurs

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Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I cannot understand why Mass "facing the people" was ever introduced, except as a test of peoples' faith.

(Do you believe that this liturgy, which resembles the Protestant service of Holy Communion more than anything else, is really the Mass ? )

Had it been mandated by Vatican II ?

Was it done in response to popular request ?

Is it (a) necessary, or (b) desirable that Pope, bishop, or priest seeking to reconnect with the Church's traditional posture of worship should have to apologise for, or explain, what he is doing ?

(a) After 40 years, (regrettably,) it is necessary that he do so, yes.

(b) It is not desirable that he should have to do so, no.

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