Sunday, February 17, 2008

A sign

from the Cafeteria

... and perchance, if one should tresspass, just a little, would one be forgiven?


gemoftheocean said...

Archbishop of "what?" :-D

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I have been wondering how many men in the U.K. could look at this sign and say, "Well, I'm an archbishop, so I can park my car here."

I'm not counting archbishops visiting the UK from abroad, I haven't included the Republic of Ireland, I've not bothered about mere bishops or auxiliaries.

I came up with :

Westminster, Southwark, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, St. Andrews & Edinburgh, Glasgow.

Then I thought of the Apostolic Nuncio.

Not in communion with Rome, there are :

Archbishop Gregorios (Greek Orthodox), Archbishops Anatoly and Innokenty (Russian Orthodox).

The No Parking sign doesn't mention Apostolicae curae, so I've included Canterbury and York. (C. of E.)

Then there is the Archbishop of Wales (Church of Wales).

I don't know if the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church is an archbishop. (I don't think he is.)

Is there an Old Catholic archbishop ? (I doubt it.)

There is an English archbishop in the Vatican diplomatic service.
He's the Nuncio, or pro Nuncio, to somewhere.
(I beg his pardon, but I've forgotten his name, his diocese, and whether, strictly speaking he counts at all.)

It seems unlikely a there is a British archi-episcopus vagans, but I am open to correction.

I can't think of anyone else.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

An afterthought ..

There are, I think, two English archbishops in the Vatican dipolmatic corps : Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald and Archbishop Paul Gallagher.

Perhaps one should include a Supplement for Ireland, which would include :

The Cardinal Archbishop of Armargh, the Archbishop of Dublin, the Nuncio to Ireland, and the Archbishop of Armargh (Church of Ireland).

Have I forgotten anyone ?

Anonymous said...

I have always found these signs confusing. As a first encounter I always read the prohibition to apply to the person/groups mentioned. So, in this case the no parking applies to the ArchBishop only. If they read "except Archbishop" it would make far more sense I think.


Andrew said...

I believe that a Protestant pastor can declare himself an Archbishop. There are already a few in the US. Since there's no requirement to demonstrate succession, a self declared archbishop could in theory park there.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I would rule out soi-disant archbishops, too, of course !

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