Friday, September 26, 2008

The Faith, The Family... The Future

A conference of hope for young people and families
Organised by Catholic Families, for Catholic Families
All Saints Pastoral Centre
London Colney
St. Albans AL2 1AF
25th-26th October 2008

Exploring the beauty of the Church's teaching on love, the needs of young Catholics and families and vocation, and the means for preserving and passing on our faith.

Over the weekend there will be many eminent speakers, representing a broad panorama of Catholic thought and culture. With programs specially tailored to each age group, combined with the opportunity for retreat, spiritual reflection and renewal, the weekend provides a great opportunity for Catholics to renew their spiritual life, strengthening their families through meeting other young Catholics who share their hopes and views.

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Physiocrat said...

Tangential to this, but why do we aquiesce in fiscal policies which put such terrible pressure on families? I am talking about the essentials such the price of housing and insecurity of work, without which families are in trouble.

A friend of mine has a wife and four children. He has his own business and struggles to keep it going to pay the bills. A few months ago he was suddenly taken seriously ill and told to ease off. Now he is back working under the same pressure. The next time this happens could kill him, though he is just over 40. That would leave a widow with four young children. How family-friendly is that, but what have we catholics said or done to try and change things? Now with the recession he is going to struggle to find work. It should not, need not, be like this.

We as lay Catholics need to get ourselves together and argue for better alternatives which do not grind people down like this. Family-friendly economic policies. People-friendly economic policies.

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