Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Earlier and Later Popemobiles: A Hermeneutic of Rupture

Fr Tim has some images of the evolution of the Popemobile. Far be it from me to accuse him of Modernism, but there are extant examples of the more ancient forms in the Vatican museum. Even in the earlier form there are two obvious and divergent species.
The grander example was the eight horse power model.

Fr Tim suggest there is an evolution in the forms, but where is the link between the above examples and those below?
The link is missing, they are totally different species, there is a hermeneutic of rupture!
I submit the new form is in essence different from what preceded it.


Andrew said...

Perhaps a liberalization of the older extraordinary form of the Popemobile is in order? I can see no reason why the two cannot co-exist and mutually enrich one another.

PeterHWright said...

Well, yes, I have to agree wth Father Ray. I can't see any continuity between the black papal limousines and the modern white popemobile. After all, black does not equal white, does it ? And while white is obviously meant to be a papal colour, the horse drawn carriages of the Papal States were never painted white. No, I fear this is a modern innovation, and I see no signs of mutual enrichment !

As to Andrew's excellent suggestion, I see no reason why the older extraordinary form of papal transport should not be revived. After all, it was never officially abrogated ..

Unknown said...

I'd go for the pope-hummer.

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