Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where can I find the Rite for the veneration of the True Cross?

I know that one is supposed to adore a relic of the True Cross in the same way as one does the Blessed Sacrament. When it is exposed one should genuflect. I have seen some recent photographs of a procession where it is carried under a red canopy, by priest wearing a red cope and holding it with red humeral veil. I just can't remember where.
I have asked before, does anyone know what the Rite should be for its Solemn Exposition?
If someone has the correct text and rubrics I will be very grateful.


Jane said...

I've asked St Michael's Center for Apologetics.(on line Q % A service. They usuall email a link to their answer within a couple of days

I'll keep an eye on this post, and if nobody finds the answer beforehand, will post the aswer when it comes.

Think it must have fallen into disuse before the 1962 Missal don't you. It sounds almost medieval. Something Chaucer would have written about!

Best regards

Rubricarius said...

There were some photographs on the Papa Stronsay blog of a mimetic burial procession on Good Friday which included a Relic of the True Cross being carried.

I cannot find any texts at the moment but I would strongly suspect they will be from the Office of the Exalation of the Cross.

gemoftheocean said...

Hope this reference helps your readers. I uploaded a .pdf file. 15 pages of prayers etc. which relate to a procession with relics. I scanned it in from a 1944 copy of a roman ritual I have. It's in Latin, but most of it is psalms printed out in the latin, which were read. I'm sure if you wanted to use English, translations would be easy to find.

Hope this helps.


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