Friday, September 19, 2008

Now schools introduce a sex guide for your six-year-olds

The first sex education pamphlet for six-year-olds is being marketed to primary schools to encourage teachers to start sex lessons earlier.
The comic, from the former Family Planning Association, includes illustrations of a naked girl and boy and invites youngsters to label the genitals.
The group, now called the fpa, is producing 50,000 copies of Let's Grow with Nisha and Joe in an initial print run and promoting it to schools across the UK.
The fpa insisted the 12-page comic, designed for use in school and at home by six and seven-year-olds, was a 'gentle introduction'.
But angry parents condemned it as 'too much too young' and warned against robbing children of their innocence.
Margaret Morrissey, of the lobby group Parents Outloud, said she would have gone 'ballistic' had her own children brought a copy home.


Anonymous said...

Those paedophiles at the FPA can't wait to groom the kids, can they?

Physiocrat said...

Strange. Sinister. Children like to know where babies come from at the age of six or less but usually the subject is introduced gently at the child's pace, often through keeping pets - rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, etc.

Anonymous said...

How awful.

Do they also have to label the dog's private parts?

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. Have those people lost their minds. It is essential to keep certain areas away from children especially areas that have serious consequences. The issuing of this comic is highly irresponsible. I note their new CEO says she wishes to develop the FPA as a charity AND A Business. I expect the more children engage in risky activity the better the business model of the FPA looks. That's the most charitable reading of this initiative. No intelligent person believes that sex education actually curtails sexual activity since every study of its effects proves quite the opposite. They should read St Thomas Aquinas to find out why - you cannot desire that which you do not know. Presenting knowledge to children will actually awaken the desire at an earlier age for them. If this is presented in an authoritative environment and couched with a message "do what you like just make sure you're safe" then the fallout in inevitable. More teenage pregnancies, more STDs, more killing babies in the womb ..... very good business model for the FPA.

This move is truely disgusting.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Just what we expected!

Anonymous said...

There's more to this than Ma Tucker lets on.

If you sexualise children at a young age, if you then get them sexually active before they're out of their teens, and if you get them settled early into a life of promiscuity, then they are more likely to be hardened against accepting the Christian message.

They'll simply have too much invested in sexual immorality and they'll find the challenge of the Christian life to difficult to bear.

So the people behind modern sex-ed haven't lost their minds. They're just personally evil.

gemoftheocean said...

Michael, you've hit the nail on the head in as succinct way as I've ever seen it put. If you sexualize them early, and to "expect" and anything-goes message, you will make it harder to inculcate a code of conduct. The "humanist" types are loathsome in sexualizing young children. Puberty comes soon enough, and it's one thing for parents to answer question that would normally come up at an age appropriate time.

I'm honestly shocked by presenting that sort of material to children that young.

Get the millstone for these people.

Kate said...

Does anybody know what the CES response to this filth is?