Saturday, September 13, 2008

Help with TLM

If there is priest reader, in good standing etc., who could say the low TLM next Sunday evening at 6pm. 21st September.

I can offer supper and if needed a bed for the night. One of the problems caused by Summorum Pontificum is that there are so many demands made on the FSSP on the continent that in the South of England there is now only one priest serving the growing community of young families in Reading, they are no longer able to come to Brighton.

If I can't find a priest, the small community who come to the Mass will have to have a Latin Pauline Mass, ad orientem. I suppose there is no reason why we can't have prayers at the foot of the altar before, the Leonine Prayers after. I don't have a modern Latin Lectionary, but I presume I can take the readings from the Neo-Vulgate, and for pastoral reasons reduce the number. And as Archbishop Ranjith at Maria Vesperbild introduced various blessings and the genuflections before the elevations there are presumably other elements of the Traditional rite that can legitimately be introduce without compromising the the Novus Ordo.
Power of the blog: Father Peter Gee has agreed to come


PeterHWright said...

It sounds as though St. Mary Magdalen's, Brighton, have lost the services of Fr. Durham FSSP who is now overburdened with commitments elsewhere. I'm so glad Fr. Gee can help.

I think Fr. Ray's suggestions for a novus ordo Mass ad orientem in Latin are excellent. After all, this form of celebrating is very much in line with the thinking of the fathers of the Council and is fully in accord with the liturgical norms.

The introduction of elements from the traditional Mass are warmly to be welcomed, and would be a source of enrichment as envisaged by Pope Benedict, and practised recently by Archbishop Ranjith.

Anonymous said...

Really, Father, if you can go as far as that isn't it time to get on with saying the Usus Antiquior yourself? Time to bite the liturgical bullet; if you wwit until you are perfect, you will wait forever.

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