Sunday, September 07, 2008

Macchina di Santa Rosa Viterbo

Every September 3rd for centuries in Viterbo a new macchina is invented to carry the image of the city's patron St Rose on her slow progress around the city. Fibreglass and aluminium have replaced wood and paper, but each year the macchina grows a few centimeters.
Now I wonder if we could have the old ones in Brighton, I know Mary Magdalen would like one, and it might bring a few Portugese, Spaniards and Maltese back to Mass.

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Fr. Gary V. said...

The Filipino Catholics loved this kind of religious procession. The problem is that a lot of electrical wires crisscrossing the post. Even then, we still have a lot of religious processions with religious statues standing on floats or carrozas in our country and we treasure these traditional devotions during the feasts of Jesus, Mary and the saints.

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