Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look to Burundi

Talking to Father Aaron yesterday, I happened to mention Burundi, remember it is where the previous Apostolic Nuncio was killed, the present Nuncio, had he been at home, would have been killed too, when a stray mortar destroyed the Nunciature: well Father said, "The nuncio, Archbishop Paul Gallagher was a priest from the diocese of Liverpool".
He is an Englishman, a diplomat, was a protege of Cardinal Murphy O'Connor, is much respected in Rome and by the Pope apparently, not quite a member of the so called "Magic Circle", he is aware of the English situation but not in it. He is a loyal supporter of Pope Benedict.

I rather like the idea of an Archbishop who has had his home bombed, good preparation for a primatial See like ...., just perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

I certainly hope so. I suggested him when Damien Thompson was asking for names but I don't think it hit the radar. It would be marvelous to have Mgr Gallagher back in the UK. I used to live in his parents' parish where he would celebrate Mass during his Summer holiday - his homilies are quite good.

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