Friday, October 06, 2006

More Catholic Women

I felt terribly embarassed yesterday the Catholic Woman of the Year Lunch just went on and on and on, speech after speech, I just had to leave early, I hate doing that. Every event of this type should have those lights that come on when speakers have had their five minutes.
Apart from that, it was as one of my parishioners, another Ann said a great honour to be with such impressive women. The truth is I think I could find another half dozen outstanding catholic women.
Ann Robert our Woman was represented by her daughter Claudette, Abigail Witchalls by her delightful mother-in-law.
Also honoured were:-
Gillian Babcock, Secretary General of the World Union of Catholic Woman's Organisations.
Mabel Henderson, who was nominated by a life prisoner she has visited.
Rachael O'Sullivan, who is doing her GCSE's, went to World Youth day and is heavily involved in parish life.
There was, what I thought was a very interesting speech by Professor Paul Williams, who lectures on Buddhist philosophy at Bristol University, who left Buddhism converting to the Church. Some women around me muttering, rhetorically but sometimes loudly about its relevance to the Catholic Women of the Year, they grew even louder after he spoken for more than ten minutes.

This years charity was the UK Cenacolo Community.
Someone said you can tell how these thing go by the mood of the queue either for the lavatory, or at the Taxi rank, I didn't experience the first, the latter outside the hotel was decidedly ratty, some of which could be put down to the weather.

Another nice thing I met Joanna Bogle, that modern St Joan who so often raises that which is mightier than the sword in defence of the faith. She is really bossing people on her site to write to the BBC.


Anonymous said...

As it was at a Thistle Hotel, I bet the food was dreadful, the sevice poor, and the whole thing over priced.

Anonymous said...

Ann Roberts is a living saint for all the work she has done over he years for the Brighton Soup Run, come rain or shine.

Anonymous said...

I think living saints should have something better than the service of the Thistle Hotel

Anonymous said...

I went too, wasn't it expensive for what we got?
£35 for a ticket, vinegary wine at the reception, which we were actually charge for at £3.50, and then another £18.50 for a bottle of wine, that is £57.
And as you say it went on and on and on and felt like it.

Anonymous said...

Toni, I am sure lots of the money went to Cenacalo.

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