Friday, April 18, 2008

At Catholic University

I didn't hear this nor read it properly but it seems pretty important, along the lines of Regensburg.


George said...

Dear Fr Ray - thank you so much for keeping us so well informed about the Pope's USA visit. The photos, your wise words and the various links are really superb. Must take-up a lot of time but I am sure that I speak for all us 'visitors to your blog' when I say 'thanks and God Bless you'.

Fr Ray Blake said...

George it doesn't take too much time at all.

Anonymous said...

Am I old-fashioned? When watching the EWTN transmission of the Pope's address at the Catholic University, I was very surprised to see that everyone remained seated when their Cardinals walked in. They did not stand until the Pope entered.

No one ever told me to stand when a priest entered the room but I have always done so as a mark of respect and would feel most awkward if I were to remain seated. I know it is the custom for ladies to sit when being introduced to men but understanding all that a priest represents, my natural instinct is to stand - until of course being told to sit.

One of my friends works for a religious order in France and if I am in her office when someone enters, even if the visitor is wearing an open-necked shirt, I stand as he is always one of the missionaries! No clerical collars here!

I should like to echo george's words too thanking Fr Ray for the links during the Pope's visit.

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