Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Deanery Clergy

I had the deanery clergy here for lunch, 16 of us sat down to a late easter lunch. Because of the difficulty in parking around here, the only time they tend to come is during the Easter school holidays so they can use playground.

I braised some beef in orange beer, I think they enjoyed it, next time a bit more orange. Pictured here Deacon Richard Harvey, Frs Paul Wilkinson, David Weston, Hugh Sullivan, Douglas Perkins, Alistair Simmons, Ollie Heaney, John Inglis, Mgr John Hull, Fr Jerry O'Brian.
A few of us are behind the camera.


Physiocrat said...

Anyone aware of your reputation for gourmet cooking would surely want to walk all the way to St Mary Magdalen's to build up a good appetite so they could make the most of the food.

Or they could always take a dip in the sea first, that is good for appetites too.

PeterHWright said...

Father might, if he has time, favour us with one or two recipes now and then ?

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