Saturday, April 26, 2008

More trivia on the Papal wardrobe

More on the Petrine wardrobe, Fr Sylvester points out they arenot a Benedictine revival apparently JPII wore red ones too.
Father S says, "For cryin' out loud, gang, he was BURIED wearing red shoes!"

Orbis Catholicus has a piece on vesture that is distinct for the Bishop of Rome, incuding this detail:
St. Thomas Aquinas says: 'The Roman Pontiff does not use the [pastoral] staff, because St. Peter sent it to raise to life one of his disciples, who was afterwards made bishop of Treves; and therefore the Pope carries the staff in the diocese of Treves, but in no other; or again, as a sign that he has not a limited jurisdiction, for such jurisdiction is denoted by the curvature of the staff.' The Pope uses the cross instead of the crozier."

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