Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have just watched it on EWTN, there was beautiful music beforehand, but not much beauty during it, such a shame. Vespers was in the crypt, the basilica was almost empty, just a few lay staff from the Washington version of Ecclesdon Square, who sang "Happy Birthday", in the church! Apparently there were lots of children outside.

At the moment the Pope is speaking to the Bishops, according the commentator the bishops wanted a closed meeting, the Vatican insisted on the presence of the media "so people might hear what the Pope actually said, not what the bishops heard him say"!
Here is a link, it is hard hitting


Ma Tucker said...

Yes, quite strong stuff indeed. No stone left unturned. The frankness was refreshing. In particular the call to be open to the new springtime and the younger generation. The bad handling of abuse and the poor catchesise which does not engage the intellect. I particularly liked the praying to the Lord of the harvest and the new for prayer and a proper Catholic identity. I also think that the issue of abuse seen in the context of a degenerate society at large was also quite timely.

Fr.Ray, the Pope announced a gift of a golden rose for the shrine. A black rose appeared. Did you think this a little strange?

Fr Ray Blake said...

It might have been the lighting in the crypt, maybe it needs the light of day to be seen properly.

Ma Tucker said...

Maybe, but I don't think so Fr.

Adulio said...

Thanks you for these links Father. Pope Benedict is saying what his predecessor missed out so many times, with the ad limina visits of the American bishops to the Vatican.

I hope Pope Benedict shows up the pro-abort politicians tomorrow at mass.

Volpius Leonius said...

Was the rose not wrapped up in paper with a picture of a rose on it? That was the impression I got.

Sadie Vacantist said...

I read the speech and listened to half of it and thought it rather dull and bland. Nothing hard hitting about it at all.

This entire visit is going very badly and boy does the Holy Father need our prayers.

Paedophilia is not a problem in the American Catholic church but ephebophilia and liberalism are. Americans are basically a conservative people but elite liberals groups have imposed themselves on successive generations of the American people. The Church being no exception to this process.

The Pope made no mention of this in his speech and privately, we understand, blames the media and an undefined "filth" for the problems. They are factors but not the whole story.

I am not sure he knows or understands what has gone on.

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