Sunday, April 06, 2008

Snow Pictures

Isn't the saturno a sensible hat!

I can't remember having snow in Brighton like this before, we normally don't get any.
Thanks to Clare for the pictures.


Jeffrey Smith said...

This is completely off topic, but it's the sort of thing I notice. The pilasters in the second picture are interesting. What's the plant in the capitals?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Some kind of fern?
The image is quite large if you click it.

Anonymous said...

Bet you didn't have a zimarra like my PP!!

George said...

Fr Ray - all this snow in April - well, it's all down to 'Global Warming' don't you know. LOL!!!

I was in Brighton this afternoon, dropping my son off to University. We saw the snow on the beach and went onto the pier, which still had some slush left on its walkway timbers - quite slippery. Good dose of hot chips and doughnuts warmed us up for the journey back to London.

Love Brighton!

Fr Ray Blake said...

Seen! in a zimara! Strictly house dress. Oh, those unworldly Oratorians!

gemoftheocean said...

Snow? And I was whining that it was cloudy this

Fr. Dwight Longenecker said...

I covet your saturno

pelerin said...

I now know what a saturno is - very sensible in the snow. What a great name - Saturns rings I suppose!
Shall now have to look up zimarra as I've never come across this word before either.
My grateful thanks are due to one of your young Polish parishioners who saw me safely down the hill yesterday after Mass. Without her help I might have had to resort to one of your tea trays father!

James M said...

Not just a sensible hat, but how fittingly named!

Real Name said...

Your hat seems to have had a spectacular collapse in the second photograph.