Friday, April 04, 2008




Mary Martha said...

I use my online name (mary martha) which is a consistent name I have used on the internet for 3+ years. Hopefully that is still ok.

Why not use my real name? Because as a single woman who lives alone I have already been stalked once by a psycho who disagreed with my postings on the internet. I would rather not repeat the experience.

PeterHWright said...

Well said, Father !

Mulier Fortis said...

Did someone make a rude comment??

(BTW you can change the options in your template so that anonymous comments aren't allowed... )

Jeffrey Smith said...

Good idea.
Still, I'd have liked to have been a mouse in the corner for whatever brought it on.

Anonymous said...

Father - Would you prefer us to stop using pseudonyms too?

Fr Ray Blake said...

I'm rejecting them for three reasons:
1. It is confusing if someone wants to reply.
2. They tend to be uncharitable or rude.
3. I don't like them!

I think people should use their real names, it is about integrity, "let your yes mean yes...", but I understand some people using a consistant alias.

Anonymous said...

I reject anonymous too!

job said...

I wish I could figure out how to use my name here rather than 'anonymous' and/or 'job'. I have tried all your 'choose an identity options' and not been sucessful.

Anonymous said...

If you are having difficulty putting a comment on go to Name/URL and insert and type, your name or an alias there, you can leave URL blank.
You can experiment here.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Having difficulty?

1. Go to Name/URL
2. Type copmment, type name (or alias), you can leave URL blank.

Experiment here if you like

On the side of the angels said...

I'm sorry but I think it's a little too draconian:
a]Some people feel the need to respond anonymously when the subject matter is personal, sensitive, or both - You must admit father, that you've raised particular issues on this blog where you've been compelled not to publish the replies [e.g. sexual abuse]
b] Some may wish to comment, but given their ostensible blog identity, they may be reticent on the grounds that it's nobody else's business to know 'who' is arguing ;no matter how relevant or pertinent to an argument; especially when one is referring to a family member or fellow blogger.
c] There are some pretty vindictive people out there; sometimes anonymity allows home truths to be told ; where otherwise fear of another's hostility would prevent it.
d]I use the anonymous quite frequently if I feel that I could be inadvertently guilty of the sin of detraction if others could deduce to whom I was referring.: Anonymity can protect the innocent as well as the guilty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. I will try it. So far it does seem to work.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Then an alias, could be used.

joannaB73 said...

I think if it something derogatory or not relevant - reject it - but if it is good and uplifting or the basis for a good 'argument' then keep it.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for ridding at least one blog of the scourge of anonymous comments!

Anonymous said...

Just testing if can send comments w/o annonimous.