Wednesday, April 16, 2008

White House Lawn

Happy 81st Birthday Holy Father.


Joe said...

I have just watched the video of President Bush's welcome address, and Pope Benedict's address (on the BBC news website). The former is a total breath of fresh air compared to Tony Blair's recent effort. President Bush had so clearly done his homework on the thinking of Pope Benedict. I look forward to being able to study the full text.

The Guardian website currently has a spectacular misquote from President Bush's address - it quotes him in an approving way as supporting Pope Benedict's condemnation of the "dictatorship of reason" when President Bush actually referred to a condemnation of the "dictatorship of relativism".

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to hear George Bush say how much we need to hear the Pope's message that all life is sacred.

Joe said...

My analysis of President Bush's address now up at Catholic Commentary.

Cathy said...

Two things:

Wow, does he look great for 81!
Happy birthday Pope Benedict XVI!

Also, I'd like to plug Joe's analysis of the address. It is a wonderfully concise and thoughtful analysis of W's words - thanks, Joe!

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