Sunday, April 06, 2008


I was struck by this poster from the diocese of Raleigh in the US, it asks people to pray for he diocesan seminarians by name, it highlights the asceticism of the priesthood. Click on it to enlarge it.
There are a few others here.


ffn said...

They look a happy group of men,certainly hope their Vocations prosper.

USSeminarian said...

Fr. Blake,

This is a video about those may have seen it...but the seminary that is featured in the photo presentation is Conception Seminary College (my seminary -- not too boast too much, haha)!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic idea; religious congregations do it all the time, so why not Dioceses.

By the way, something you might find interesting?

Anonymous said...

I hope all those seminarians are mortified and dying of embarassment at being publicly labelled "heroes of sacrifice". It doesn't seem like a very healthy thing to do to one's seminarians.

Then again, how would I know what is healthy for seminarians.

Though the prayer is a v good idea.