Monday, April 21, 2008

Fr Zachariah Botros

Brighton taxi drivers are fascinating, the other day I met a fascinating Zimbabwian on an outward journey and remarkable young Coptic Orthodox who brought me home. He was listening to some beautiful eastern music, he told me it was Mass. We spoke his church, this week is Orthodox Holy Week. Then he started to talk Fr Zechariah, Public Enemy No 1., Fr Sean did a piece on him, a most remarkable man , who has an extra-ordinary internet ministry. He seems to specialise in converting Muslims. He used to be a priest in Brighton.

I do admire the Copts in Brighton, so many have endured a great deal of suffering for Christ, there is a beautiful ascetic quality about the best of them. They are marked by the spiritual legacy of the Desert Fathers, those great Egyptian and Sudanese saints.

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nickbris said...

Yes Father you are right about the Sudanese Copts,I had one for a neighbour who was a very obliging Cab-Driver.When I asked him how he got the "Knowledge" he said it was easy he got a job as a Milkman.

Anybody that industrious and determined will always do well.We are lucky to have them here.

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