Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catholics Can Sing

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Jeremy Satge is doing a workshop for us on Saturday 22nd November.
If you want to come contact
There is a singing technique workshop, they are going to look at Plainsong Mass Settings, Polyphony and Hymn Singing
The cost is £10



Didn't the Singing Nun settle the question of whether or not 'Catholics can sing' a long time ago?

Anonymous said...

Come home to Orthodoxy or Eastern-rite Catholicism were singing is natural and unchanging. The liturgical revisions of the Roman-rite after Vatican Two, which abridged the liturgy, thus cutting out singing did not effect the East. With the liturgical revival going on under the guidance of Pope Benedict the 15th, we are seeing a return to beautiful singing in the Roman-rite all over the world. He is a music lover, our pope. Good luck to your workshop, a step in the right direction!

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