Tuesday, October 28, 2008




Final Lords consideration of Commons embryology amendments, action needed
Dear supporter,
Renewed thanks to all our supporters, especially those who have taken action to oppose the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill, passed the House of Commons last Wednesday. We are deeply aware of the hard work thousands of people have put in over recent months to defend with love newly-conceived embryonic children.
Although the bill is now on track to become law, the final stage in the bill's parliamentary progress remains - consideration by the House of Lords of changes made to the bill by the House of Commons. It was confirmed over the weekend that this final stage will take place this Wednesday, 29 October. The Lords passed the substance of the bill earlier this year, and parliamentary procedure means that the House of Lords will consider only those parts of the bill changed by the Commons. We therefore suggest that a targeted protest against the government will be of most value at this stage. It was the intense pressure placed upon the government by pro-lifers such as yourselves which may well have forced the government to block any amendments which would have worsened the law on abortion.
Therefore, please email:
Lord Darzi, the health minister in charge of the bill, via julia.scott@dh.gsi.gov.uk
Baroness Royall, former health minister and now Leader of the House of Lords, via royallj@parliament.uk
telling them that:
the HFE bill is fundamentally unethical, violating the right to life and dignity of newly-conceived embryonic children;
the government is showing contempt for parliament and the House of Lords in particular by scheduling this final consideration by the House of Lords without the usual minimum interval after its completion by the House of Commons.
Please copy to your messages to Lord Darzi and Baroness Royall to your own MP. (You can find out who your MP is via http://wwwspuc.org.uk/mps )
Please remember to copy any replies you receive to Anthony Ozimic, SPUC political secretary, either by email via political@spuc.org.uk or by post to SPUC, 3 Whitacre Mews, Stannary Street, London, SE11 4AB.
Yours sincerely in defence of life,
Anthony Ozimic
Political Secretary


epsilon said...

I have emailed all, and for anyone who would like links to the facts see my post today on allthelittleepsilons

Thank you Fr Ray for reminding us

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Father Ray. for all you have done on this Bill and in defence of human life and dignity.

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