Monday, October 06, 2008

I have just become the friend of Fr Faber!

I have just clicked on to my Facebook thingy and noticed dozens of people were anxious to be my friend, some people who I have never been introduced to, including Fr Frederick Faber, gone are the days of the visiting card with a folded corner and pencilled initials.

Interesting tidbit, in his profile Fr Faber tells me he is hanging around his tomb at the London Oratory, well I understand that like Newman, when they opened his grave to transfer his remains to the Church all they found was a pair of shoes, patent leather, I believe, but no bones! These Oratorians are obviously all being spirited away by St Phillip, a rather odd conjuring trick.


Anonymous said...

Like everyone else, I was astonished when I learnt that there were no mortal remains left of Cardinal Newman.

I understand the reason being given is the dampness of the surrounding area. However when you consider that complete skeletons are still being dug up from the WWI battlefields of Northern France and Belgium from waterlogged soil there, I am inclined to think that there must be another reason although what this can be I cannot imagine.

The story about Fr Faber and his shoes is new to me. Why was he dug up and what did they do with his shoes?

Anonymous said...

Well, according to my latest information from very credible sources, the "expert" who was presiding at the exhumation said that such cases are common considering the type of the soil.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Pelerin, I think the shoes are in the tomb.

No Oraorian is actually in his grave. All Oratorian graves are empty.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

My friends think I have Newman buried in my back garden!

Anonymous said...

B, I find it very hard to believe this expert. I would expect clothes to decay faster than bones and enamel. Were clothes not found intact in the box?

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