Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Russian is rubbish

could someone give ne a translation of the inscription under the arms of the crucifix.
Click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

I think it says below the arms of the crucifix: "Christ is Risen, death by death conquered and those in the grave life everlasting granted and for us believers also granted!" Part of the old Slavic world's Easter hymn/message. I was able to discern the 'Christ is Risen' under the arms of the cross and the words 'death' and 'life'. So it is possibly the famous Slavic Easter hymn/message under the cross arms!?! You picture is not that clear when it comes to the writing.

gemoftheocean said...

Would that it were straight up Russian! It's Old Church Slavonic. A cursory look tells me it's something to do with the "Son of God" "Jesus Christ" and Him being Resurrected - "Voskresennie" [or my transliteration of it.] It's nice that in Russian the word "Sunday" is itself related to the word "Resurrection."

Gregory Pearson OP said...

The Church Slavonic text, expanded and transliterated into modern Russian orthography, is:
Кресту твоему покланяемся, Владыко, и святое Воскресение твое славим.

This translates as:
We worship [bow to] your Cross, Lord, and glorify your holy Resurrection.

This is a slightly paraphrased version of a line from the hymn of the resurrection sung at Easter, and every Sunday.

In case you're wondering, the words above the Cross are Царь Славы (King of Glory); Сын Божий (Son of God); Распятие Господне (Crucifixion of the Lord).

I hope that's useful.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Many thanks Gregory, I am very grateful. Do you know who the monk and bishop are, the inscriptions are unclear. I presume they are Basil and Chrysostom, and that the icon is ultimately about the Liturgy.
I only acquired it recently and haven't started praying it, if that is not too pretentious.

Anonymous said...

The text on the icon has a strong parallel with a text in the old Roman Mass of the Presanctified on Good Friday: 'Crucem tuam adoramus, Domine: et sanctam resurrectionem tuam laudamus et glorificamus.'

It is a very beautiful icon. I am quite envious of you Fr. Ray.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful icon!

on right: John, Longinus and Bishop John (Chrysostom)
on left, Theotokos, Martha, Mary
the monk in the corner is, ?___isej perhaps elisej ,(Eliseus)
can't make out the first three letters....

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