Thursday, October 30, 2008

Huh? SSPX Bishops in Lourdes

I just find this amazing, the four "schismatic", "excommunicated", illegally ordained bishops were leading a pilgrimage in Lourdes and celebrating Mass in the Basilica of St Pius X.

See Rorate Caeli

One can only assume that permission for this celebration was given Vatican approval, it follows on from a recent Anglican celebration at the grotto. However I think that this is a momentous movement forward for the negotiations between the Holy See and the fraternity.


PeterHWright said...

I was most bemused, I think is the word, by the photographs of the four SSPX bishops, inside (!) St. Peter's basilica, during the traditionalist pilgrimage to Rome for the Holy Year in 2000. (Admittedly, they were not allowed to celebrate Mass there.)

The authorities at Lourdes seem to take the pragmatist view that they can't very well shout the door on such huge numbers of pilgrims, so they let them in. I think Rome took a similar view in 2000. I don't know if I read the situation correctly.

Nevertheless, these pictures seem to send a different message from the official statements emanating from Rome and Menzingen.

When you see the sheer solemnity and reverence of their worship, and the evident devotion of the congregation, it makes you think.

Gregory of Langres said...

I wonder what is thought about the "miracle", to quote Card. Kasper, of the Anglican celebrations. Is this, too, a "momentous movement forward for the negotiations between the Holy See" and traditional Anglicans?

I should like to note that the Anglican Mass was celebrated in the Rosary Basilica and the Upper Basilica, not at the Grotto itself.

Adulio said...

I'd much rather be assisting at the devotions of the SSPX than at anything Cardinal Kasper and "Archbishop" Rowan Williams have to offer.

Anonymous said...

Surely Bishop Williamson knows that "The Song of Bernadette" was written by a Jew, Franz Werfel. Presumably he was taking time off from running the world. However since both Anglicans and SSPX do not accept all the Councils of the Church and both owe their existence to schismatic bishops than what is granted to one should be granted to the other.

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