Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Britain Going Down the Pan?

Yes it is!!!

I am feeling particularly grumpy today.

Last week the phone wasn't working fom Tuesday to late Thursday evening. Curses on BT, do you know that in order to report a fault on-line you need to give them a mobile phone number in order for them to accept the complaint! What happens if you don't have one?

Inefficient blackguards!

Today we had no electricity for eight hours! So again no phone, but also no internet, lighting, radio, heating or anything.

Southern Water were doing some work and cut a cable. It took seven hours, seven hours, to fix it! Obviously they had to get somone over from Paris to do it as our electricity is suppled Électricité de France, they call themselves EDF here, obviously ashamed of their origins! Apparently it wouldn't have take quite so long if it wasn't for recent 'elf and safety legislation. Fie on L'elves!
Do click on the link to abuse them!
An occassional rage against a multi-national is good for one!


Ttony said...

Of course we're going down the pan! But it's because of the Fall, not because of French electricity companies!

Where I live we have 10+ hours power cuts five or six times a year because we are out in the middle of nowhere at the end of a long breakable line. The result is we have batteries for the radio, lots of candles and matches, blankets for the winter, and kids who know how to play Monopoly! (And neighbours wo are friends.)

Fr Ray Blake said...

But Brighton is civilisation, Ttony!

Ttony said...

Dear Father


pelerin said...

I think Fr Ray is being slightly sarcastic here! The state the town is in at the moment with all the road works, I'm not surprised cables have got cut. I do hope everything is now restored to full working order, father.

I enjoyed your comment on EDF. Actually it is known as EDF in France too I believe but when they took over I remember asking a few friends if they knew what the initials stood for. Not one knew! It hid behind the initials although I think people are wiser now. A bit like the French apples - they were the only apples which did not declare their country of origin at one time in my local greengrocer who admitted then that if he had done he would not have sold any. Can't remember the reason why people were anti-French at the time though!

pelerin said...

PS I used to have EDF - I thought that would mean cheaper electricity as it is in France. How wrong I was! it is worth shopping around to get better value although all companies are going up.

Fr Ray Blake said...

EDF are the owners of the actual cables.

Fr Ray Blake said...

EDF are the owners of the actual cables.

pelerin said...

Ah - so EDF own the cables even though I pay my bills to another company! All very confusing.

gemoftheocean said...

French Electricity/ "insert anglo-saxon intensifer here."

Ma Tucker said...

Now that's an oldy. I have'nt hear that one since my youth.

nickbris said...

"Sid" who was meant to buy shares in the utilities failed to actually purchase;they were all flogged off to a bunch of greedy gits,they've all gone down the same road of cutting staff,virtually doing away with the complaints procedure and putting up prices faster than we can earn the wherewithal.

One has to take a day off work to contact any of them.

The Government managed to find the cash to save the thieves from going under but they haven't got the guts to freeze the prices or even to nationalise.

We of course do nothing sensible,the people rose up to stop the "poll-tax" which would have been a much fairer system but sit and take all the other nonsense which is causing real hardship.

johnd said...

we dont need to worry god gives the sun all we need is solar power and no prolem.......