Monday, October 13, 2008


Having explored the radical change of the blog's format, I have decided on a more organic reform.

How many Dominican does it take to change a bog?
Three: one to argue the substance of the change, one examine its accidents and a laybrother to press the buttons.

How many Legionaries of Christ does it take to Change a blog?
Four: one to ring Father General, another to check the first had all the necessay permissions, a third to check he followed the instructions corectly, a fourth to report the faults of the other three.

How many Franciscans does it take to change a blog?
Two: one to recycle the old computer and one beg for a new one.

How many Carthusians does it take to change a blog?
Nunquam reformata: nunquam blogarata
Blog stat dum orbis volvitur.

How many Oratorians does it take change a blog?
Change? You'll find we tend not to do anything as vulgar as that here.

sorry, I have just accidentally deleted some very amusing comments, my appologies


How many members of the Institute of Christ the King does it take to change a light blog?

Is that at the throne or the faldstool? In the presence of a Major Prelate? Within or outside of his diocese?


gemoftheocean said...

How many Jesuits does it take to change a blog? NONE. They got it right the first time, so they say.

How many SSPXers? Blogs? How vulgar, they didn't have blogs in the 1500s Who needs them now?

Rubricarius said...

What a wonderful thing to see - the Old Rite format has been restored. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

How many Benedictines does it take to change a blog? One to pray for it, one to work for it and one to read about it...

Glad you've got the old format back.


Auricularius said...

How many Tabletistas does it take to change a blog?

Thirty-three and still counting … One to facilitate the focus group, exploring whether the blog was still relevant to the inner experience of the gathered community. A committee of six to conduct an in depth study to ensure that the content was as inclusive as possible and did not offend the feelings of any minority group. Another committee of six music ministers to compose cheesy and trashy background music. A steering group of twelve to organise an international symposium on the ministry of blogging in the twenty-first century. A sub-group of eight to do a field study on Islamic blogging … cont p94.

Delia said...

That's much better!

Anonymous said...

Do hope there are more clever variations on the lightbulb theme to come. I particularly enjoyed the Fransiscans and the Tabletistas!

Ttony said...

(Edit as much as you like!)

How many parish priests does it take to change a blog?

One. Luckily. I am the only one here, you know.

How many Norbertines does it take to change a blog?

It depends how long they are staying.

How many curialists does it take to change a blog?

You will never know, and you shouldn't believe anything Sandro Magister tells you.

How many Californian Bishops does it take to change a blog?

Hey! Before we start, let's define "change"! Let's define "blog"! And let's define "start", too!

How many visiting extra-parochial Polish priests does it take to change a blog?

I'm sorry Father, I don't understand, but the collection was for the Poilish Holy Places.

How many Orthodox priests does it take to change a blog?

(Bass Chorus): Allelluiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa (I stopped after 8 minutes)

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

So funny!

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