Thursday, October 09, 2008

Notre Dame de Fontgombault

I was talking to a parent of a novice monk of ND de Fontgombault who used to drive 600 miles to see her son four times a year, and spoke to him in a monastic parlour for twenty minutes and then drove 600 miles home. "Its tough there," she said, "It is damp, not very healthy, in the winter it gets so cold, one monk lost his ear because of the cold, another some fingers".

Fontgombault, part of the Solesmes Congregation, it has a foundation in Oklahoma. It uses the TLM, as the norm. It was at Fontgombault 2001 where Cardinal Ratzinger presider over a conference at which the possibility of two usages of the Roman Rite seems to have been first seriously discussed.

A short vocational video on monastic life, produced by
Audio from the Monastic Choir of the Abbey of Notre Dame de Fontgombault, recording "Saint Benedict", "Alleluia Vir Dei Benedictus omni".

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sekman said...

Clear Creek, ND de Fontgambault's foundation in Oklahoma is thriving and doing very well. A great place to visit on retreat.

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