Thursday, October 16, 2008

Children's Liturgy

One or two blogs seem to have got excited by document from the Bishops Conference about the Feast of Christ the King.
There are lots of exciting things to at Mass, like prayer balloons, acting out the Gospel, bringing up energy saving lightbulbs at the offertory, handing out fairtrade chocolates after Holy Communion.
I am afraid I binned the package that came here, these things are fine, although personally I don't think so, when following the Directory on Children's Masses, but if you are going to do that, you need to have a congregation with a majority of children says the Congregation for Divine Worship, for example in a school.
Instead our young people sent me an email wanting:

a.. Introit: Christus vincit response
b.. Kyrie/Gloria - Missa Orbis factor
c.. Responsorial Psalm 22
d.. Alleluia Salzburga & verse
e.. Credo I
f.. Offertory Hymn, Lord, accept the gifts we offer
g.. Sanctus/Benedictus - Missa Orbis factor
h.. Memorial Acclamation
i.. Great Amen
j.. Our Father (either plainsong Latin or English congregational version)
k.. Agnus Dei - Missa Orbis factor
l.. Communion verse - plainsong
m.. Communion hymn - Adoro te devote
n.. Communion motet - Anima Christi (3 part motet)
o.. Exeunt - Organ Music
They would have loved the Te Deum at the end but it can be a bit tricky for a congregation.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Interesting, no rock and roll, awesome. Though I'm not a big fan of the "great Amen" and the Responsorial Psalm in general

PJA said...

Did you forget to mention that they DIDN'T want you dressed as a clown, but rather in an C18 cloth of gold fiddleback!

Fr Ray Blake said...

Ponte Sisto,
We don't have any cloth of gold fiddlebacks, only gothic(k)s.
Whatever it is the sacristan or the altarboys will decide. Lately it has been 20th century romans.

PJA said...

I know a priest who might lend you one...! ;-)

PeterHWright said...

We learned the Te Deum (not the tonus solemnis, of course,) when I was at school. Glad to hear it's still in demand.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Don't be so ravenous about that particular wolf, Leonius

Volpius Leonius said...

I'm sorry Father but it just seems like they are doing everything in their power to destroy the Church. (Both the Bishops and the humanists)

Anonymous said...

Why not use the Bishop's proposals for a couple of weeks, then we might get a seat!

Fr Ray Blake said...

Fratres: Sobrii estote et vigilate: quia adversarius vester diabolus, tamquam leo rugiens, circuit, quaerens quem devoret: cui resistite fortes in fide.

Et meum devoret, if I'm not careful.

Adrienne said...

"prayer balloons, acting out the Gospel, bringing up energy saving lightbulbs at the offertory, handing out fairtrade chocolates after Holy Communion.

...please tell me you're joking. Yes??

PJA said...

Mother Teresa said that it is more important to remain faithful than to succeed. Even if "they" do appear to be winning in their bid to empty the Churches and our numbers diminish, we must do as the saint tells us. Therein lies our worship - in Spirit and in Truth.

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