Monday, October 20, 2008

How to complain

Following on from the last post while I am still feeling particularly grouchy....

This doesn't work with clergy or bishops who don't answer letters, but when complaining to company, never write to the "complaints department", unless it is easily dealt with.

The best thing is aways to write to the chairman, ask him to ring you, or better ask him to let you come and see him, obviously a bit difficult if he is France! so you discuss your problem directly.

If that doesn't work get his home address from "Company's House" and suggest the next time you are in the area you could drop round and see him at home. It normally works.

Remember the Chairman's time is often worth 100 times that of the poor soul in the complaints department, even if he doesn't read the letter no-one in his office wants him bothered at home. If you can't find his home address you can normally find a club or an interest you share. It can be terribly annoying to turn up at Covent Garden to meet disgruntled of Dunsfold. If that happens he is going to be phone in the interval to his PA in the interval just to get you off his back.


umblepie said...

Father, What a wonderful photograph! I laughed out loud just looking at him! This wasn't you aged 6 months, by any chance?

PeterHWright said...

Fr. Ray is right, of course. Basically, if you want something done, ir's a question of knowing whose head to go over before you complain.

Rubricarius said...

Ah, but that advice can backfire!

I once traced the MD of Thames Trains, the incompetent franchise that was replaced by the very slightly less incompetent First Great Western company.

After complaining about some farcical level of service and rude staff the MD gave me a refund plus compensation worth several times the price of my original ticket but asked if I would sit on a committee that monitored complaints. Having agreed to do that I was delighted when nothing actually came to fruition!

pelerin said...

rubicarius - so your trains have changed names too! I asked for the Thameslink station today when I was at St Pancras only to be told it had not been called that for years! Probably an exaggeration on the part of the official but I wish they would not keep on changing the companies. New liveries on the trains etc. what a waste of money. All trains were late today due to 'leaves on the line' again. I am always amused to see the address to which one could complain - it has I think seven lines to it so unless you had a pen with you it would be impossible to remember.

gemoftheocean said...

I miss the punch cards you could bend, fold, staple and mutilate.

Last time I yelled at American Telephone and Telegraph I got someone on the line and said: "I need to speak to your supervisor, and I need to do some yelling and I'd rather yell at someone at a higher paygrade then you." The girl laughed and immediatelly gave me her supervisor.