Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Image is everything

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Jeremy de Satge is coming down in November to do a workshop on chant and other music in preparation for Advent/Christmas. One of our graphic designers came up with two designs for a poster. The first is more or less what you would expect, the second, well this Brighton, will most probably attract a whole church full of men dressed as nuns, or wearing lederhosen, and significant group of spinsters wearing shocking pink and wanting to sing, "Doh a deer, a female deer...".
Incidently, we tend to be a non-guitar strumming parish.


Andrew said...

I have some of the Music Maker's CD's. They do chant masterfully.

Mac McLernon said...

I have to say, Poster 1 is MILES better!

moira said...

l like poster 2, it's more of a talking point

Adrienne said...

I would like to see some kind of "organic" combination of the two. The first is just too deadly dull and the second is hard to read and too frivolous.

I bet Mac could help with that project ;-)

Henry said...

The second one has got to be ironic ie camp.