Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Flu Pandemic 2

Almost, forgot, "they" also want the sign of peace abandoned during the pandemic , or least physical contact at the "sign of peace" stopped.

Chemical hand rubs by te Holy Water font just won't work, it is the soggy tissues with all those viruses in contact with the hand.
If you follow this through we should be discouraging communion under either kind during the pandemic, and even people coming to Church.


Physiocrat said...

Are you making this up? Do they want the Canon of the Mass to be said silently, facing east, to reduce the risk of infection?

PeterHWright said...

Is there really, actually, a flu pandemic on the way ? I don't know.

Are we going to die, in scores of thousands ? Well, as the Hollywood actor, Gary Cooper, used to say, "Yup".

Anonymous said...

I had always thought that handshaking was the vehicle for colds and flu. You touch your nose with your hand. You shake someone else by the hand. That person touches his/her nose, and viruses perfectly adapted to exploit the viral paradise of your nose have taken up residence in someone else's. This all happens before either of you have experienced any unmistakeable symptoms. Compared with this means of disease transmission, the chalice is the apotheosis of hygiene.

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